Brand new Workbenches for every application.

Brand New Workbenches for Every Application

Storwell Systems have a range of workbenches to suit all applications.

“No matter what job you need it for, we are sure that we can provide a bench to suit you.”

We have a wide range of accessories available for each bench, to make sure that you have exactly what you need when you need it.

Storwell have been purveyors in fine storage solutions for the past thirty two years. We have branched into workbenches now in order to ensure that all of our clients needs are met.

If you are decking out a factory or warehouse, for example, would it not be easier to get everything from one place?

“Our range of workbenches are high quality and affordable. They, like everything else we do, fit in with our principles.”

They are innovative solutions, they are creative. They adhere to excellence and longevity. We are proud of our workbenches and are sure you will find something you like.

New workbenches are a fantastic way of investing in your company and your employees. They allow for a modern and contemporary environment in which to work. They can promote productivity, and they can encourage hard work.

What Types Of Workbench Are There?

Here, at Storwell, we provide seven types of workbench depending on what you need:

 Antistatic Workbenches
 Budget Value Workbenches
 Cantilever Frame Workbenches
 Extra Heavy Duty Workbenches
 Light Duty Square Tube Workbenches
 Packing Workbenches

A good workbench is a good investment. It allows for clarity of space and heightened organisation at work. Whether you want a workbench in order to put something together or whether you want to pack something up, we are sure we have the workbench for you.

How Do I Find Out More Or Order A Workbench?

You can find out details about our Workbenches by clicking on the PDF below.

In order to order precisely what you want please feel free to give us a call Whether you are after one workbench or one hundred we are sure we can help you out.

Alternatively, feel free to just click on the button below in order to tell us what you need.