Archive Storage Systems

Racking, cabinets, and shelving for archive spaces

Better Archive Records Organization

Do you want to safely secure your items?
Do you have an archive that is overflowing and require extra storage?
Do you need more space in your archive or a more effective way of storing items?

Without effective archive storage systems, archives can be a nightmare to search through to find the right document.

“Here, at Storwell, we aim to simplify archive storage to ensure that document retrieval is as easy as possible.”

The question is:
​How do we do that?
​How can we improve your archive?

The choice of which type of archive storage system to go with is a critical one. Depending on the space available varying solutions could be beneficial. These range from the simple static archive racking systems for medium density storage, to our mobile racking options which allow for much more storage capacity.

Need Records Storage Space System: What Are Your Choices?

One such storage solution could be a mobile shelving system in your archive room.
Why are mobile shelving systems ideal for archive storage? Mobile storage system, or roller racking to use another term, allows for high capacity storage, at low cost and fast access to the space available.

“All mobile shelving systems are bespoke, and can be fitted into the available space to double the potential archive storage area.”

Another solution is mobile racking. What mobile racking allows for is high density storage for bulky things like boxes or large items. A straight forward static layout, no matter how well designed, will soon fill up. Mobile racking can double the storage potential again, by eliminating unnecessary aisles to gain access.

These are but two solutions. If you want to establish what is the best solution for you, then please give us a call to find out more.

What is a Better Way of Warehousing and Storing My Archives?

Two other main options are available for archiving areas in regards to storage. The first of these is long span racking. These are high density static shelves that can fit out a room and create a huge amount of storage.

These are an inexpensive solution to a storage problem. Long span racking is a static archiving system, which has the potential to stretch from floor to ceiling. This allows for a vast amount of storage in a small space. Long span racking can stack boxes four or five high, depending on ceiling size, and two or three deep.

“The design of these can allow for expansion in later years and save having to have a redesign a few years down the line.”

The second solution for archive storage is that of a rotary cabinet. Rotary cabinets are secure archive storage for areas where high density storage is necessary. They have the potential to double, if not triple, document storage space. The humble rotary cabinet could present itself as the perfect solution for an excess of files.

We tailor make each archive solution to ensure that you get the perfect storage for your situation.