Heavy Duty Racking

Heavy duty racking ideal for a high density of heavy goods

Racking Solutions for All Weights

 Do you have a need for heavy duty racking for those large or bulky items?
 Or perhaps you have recognised a shortage of space for all that you need to store?

Heavy duty shelving could be the solution for you

“Heavy duty racking is perfect for those hard to store items that just get in the way in conventional storage rooms.”

That makes the heavy duty rack perfect for props, ornaments, or antiques, as well as large boxes. No matter what you need to store, these bespoke solutions can be tailor made to fit your needs.

Our storage systems is completely customisable. In the past, when working with ITV on Coronation Street, we even attached mesh to allow for picture hanging.

You name it with these malleable shelves, we can do it.

Heavy Duty Racking For Bulky Items

There are several kinds of basic rack available. Wide span racking is one such type. Our wide span racking is designed to provide strength and flexibility.

“They are easy to assemble, and our factory trained fitters can get them installed on the same day. Wide span racking is adjustable and easily added to make expansion as straight forward as possible.”

Wide span heavy duty racking comes with a choice of frame height (1830mm, 2135mm, 2440mm, 3050mm and 3660mm). It has a choice of beam length (1220mm, 1525mm, 1830mm, 2135mm, and 2440mm) as well as a choice in depths (475mm, 610mm, 762mm, 915mm, and 1220mm).

Wide span heavy duty racking can store loads from 600kg to 1200kg UDL. They are made of high density chipboard, and all levels are adjustable.

Best of all wide span heavy duty racking can be added to and expanded as the need arises.

Experts In Heavy Duty Shelving Storage Systems

The other kind of heavy duty racking is that of rivet racking. Rivet heavy duty racking features a key hole slot design which means that each shelf can store up to 650kg.

“Rivet racking has open access on all four sides and features 18mm decking.”

What this added up to an incredibly strong heavy duty racking system. Each upright support is blue, with beams available in orange or grey. Each rack can be delivered within five working days. You can also check our heavy-duty pallet racking solutions.

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