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Need Better Structure for Healthcare Records Storage?

Have you recognised a need for medical records storage?
Do you have a current installation that needs building or improving upon?
Are you an expanding surgery?

If so then Storwell Systems may have the perfect solution for you.

” Since 1982 Storwell have been specialising in medical storage, providing for both the NHS and private hospitals alike. We can provide all kinds of medical storage, depending on the situation at hand. “

These range from simple solutions in terms of filing cabinets, to high density solutions in terms of mobile storage systems. No matter how many medical records you have we have varying methods of medical records storage available to you depending on how much space you have to spare.

Lloyd George Medical Records

Our Storsafe boxes are secure method of medical records storage which can hold up to twenty medical records at any one time. These boxes come in two types – reinforced corrugated cardboard or mild steel. Both are long lasting. These boxes come flat pack and are incredibly simple to put together. They can go from being flat to being ready for medical records storage in less than a couple of minutes.

“Storwell Systems have been supplying Lloyd George medical records storage boxes for almost 30-years to doctors surgeries.”

Storwell Systems also supply tailor made storage bays for the Llyod George boxes. These bays can hold numerous medical records, with lockable doors.

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High Density Medical Archive Organization Storage

For high density medical records storage there are several variations available for secure medical records storage.

The first of these is the mobile shelving system. These are high density solutions which halve the amount of floor space needed to store medical records. These can be locked and are highly secure. One other method of storage is the rotary cabinet, which again doubles the storage in a given space.

High Density Storage

The Best In NHS Patients Archive Shelving

For the best in medical records storage be sure to give Storwell a call . Alternatively you can contact us by sending us an email or by filling in the Plan Your Project page on this site. No matter your question we are happy to help. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us. “