Library Shelving

Solutions for libraries who are in need of extra room

Library Book Shelf Organisation Systems

 Are you looking to display books in an easy to access manner?
 Do you need shelving for an archive of books, or library space?
 Would you like to store your books in a stylish and easy to access manner?

If so then Storwell Systems may have the solution for you. We recognise that the key to any commercial or public book storage is accessibility. We place that at the core of any layout design.

” If you are looking for easy access to books and neat shelves then we are sure we have the solution for you. “

We often get asked two questions when it comes down to library storage, so let’s take them one at a time. First off, most librarians ask us for BS5454 compliant shelving. This is no problem in the slightest, as all our shelves adhere to the strictest of British Standards.

“They are flexible, can reconfigure to meet changing needs & be Reska compatible.”

Reska Library Shelving Solutions

New Reska library shelving is compatible with old shelving, carrying the same original features. New Reska shelving also carries some extra benefits which make them a worthwhile investment.

New library shelving can come in three different bay widths, four bay depths, and five bay heights. They have high profile shelving edges, removable backstops, and suspended book supports.

Reska library shelving can come in a variety of painted finishes. Reska library shelving is a reliable way of storing books.

“Do you have a specific layout or design in mind? That is not a problem. Storwell have been experts in library shelves or book storage for over thirty two years.”

What we don’t know about storing books isn’t worth knowing. More features include a lockable canopy shelf, an angled bottom shelf, and magnetic bookends. The angled shelf is optional, as are the various painted finishes.

Experts in Book Collection Room Storage

Here, at Storwell, we have built up a reputation of being able to provide libraries with exactly what they want. We seek to maximise floor space, storage space, and minimise clutter.

” Our solutions are space saving, modern, and great value for money.”

The other option when, it comes to bookshelves, comes in the form of Cantilever Shelving. Storwell Library Shelving is a versatile, stylish, and a contemporary solution for the modern library.

They are quick and easy to change and adapt, quick to build, and customisable. Storwell library Shelving proves idea for libraries, art and museums all the time because of its malleability.

” Storwell library shelving is quick and easy to build. It can be single or double sided depending on the access. “

The shelves are fully adjustable. There is a full range of accessories available. They are dynamic and fresh to look at. They are available in a wide range of colours that can fit into any aesthetic.