Space Saving Mobile Shelving
Dedicated to save your space and double your capacity.

Space Saving Mobile Shelving Review

Whether you run a warehouse or an office, Storwell offers numerous space saving solutions to suit every situation. We understand the importance of space. That is why we help organise workplaces, by understanding the need for organisation, no matter who it is for or where it is.

This is why we have several mobile shelving solutions available. These are aimed to halve or third the amount of space needed in order to store what you want to store. These range from mobile shelving systems to rotary cabinets.

Mobile shelving cabinets, for one, are built for saving space. The shelving bays are kept on tracks, which can move along a track. This allows for the space in between bays to be utilised and reduced. What this does is halve the floorspace needed.

Mobile shelving systems are a modern and contemporary way of updating a storage system.

” Mobile shelving systems are perfect for offices, film studios, and more. “

As well as mobile shelving we offer other forms of compact storage

What Other Space Saving Solutions Are There?

Storwell Systems, also offer various other space saving solutions. Where there is not enough floor space, but additional head room, we can fit in mezzanine floors.

” Storwell can provide library shelving, retail shelves, and vital racking for retailers or warehouses. “

If you are unsure about what solution is best for you then feel free to contact us and explain your situation. Our highly trained team are always happy to help you out with any space saving problems that you may have.

There are numerous pages dedicated to these space saving solutions under space saving in the menu.

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