Steel Partitions and Machine Guards

​Steel partitions designed to ensure a safe and secure working environment

Create A Secure Working Environment

Do you need a secure working environment?
Do you require additional safety around machines?
Do your machines need additional protection?

If so then Storwell Systems may have the solution for you. That solution comes in the form of steel partitions and machine guards.

Storwell Systems are proud to be able to offer bespoke steel partitions and machine guards for the industrial environment.

” Our machine guards are mesh solutions, designed to protect both engineers and machines alike. “

We aim to help you create a safe and effective partition between people and machines. Effective steel partitions and machine guards are an essential and legal requirement.

Why wait for an accident to happen before acting? Effective steel partitions and machine guards can eliminate the costs of accidents, downtime, and sick leave.

How easy are Machine Guards to access?

Our quick access, demountable machine guard panels enable maintenance engineers to gain easy access to machines that requires attention or repair. Our steel partitions and machine guards are the highest in quality.

They are easy to take down and put up. Our highly trained engineers forge the cage offsite, meaning that there is no hot welding needed onsite.

“These are quick, easy, and affordable solutions with a significant long-term benefit.” 

Do you require easy protection? Do you want an easy security system? Is the answer yes to either of those questions? If so then steel partitions and machine guard may be the answer for you.

How can I get Steel Partitions and Machine Guards?

“Steel partitions and Machine guards are incredibly easy to order and produce.” 

As mentioned before they are forged off site and only assembled onsite.

In order to tell us about your steel partitions and machine guard needs, there are several approaches you can take. The first is to visit our Plan Your Project page, available in the top bar of this website. If you know what you need then this is an easy way of telling us.

Alternatively you can give one of our friendly team a call. They are always ready and willing to take your call.

Do you require a larger solution to a segregated area?

Find out more about our Mesh Cages