Gallery Racking

Gallery Racking for high density and secure artwork storage

Gallery Racking for Art and Pictures

 Are you an art gallery that has run out of space?
 Or are you just looking for a better art racking layout?

For some galleries, pictures end up littering corridors resulting in valuable art getting damaged. Does this sound like you? If so then Storwells tailor made art gallery racking could be the ideal solution.

So, what is the best gallery racking? Pull out storage is one method of high-density mobile storage for works of art.

Another is block mobile shelving which comprises of a series of mobile bases with vertical mesh panels on which the art hangs. These panels are positioned on top of rails, which allow for them to be pulled out or rolled along. This means that no space goes to waste.

” Gallery racking, when designed correctly, is a simple way of increasing the storage space in your gallery or museum. It maximises the potential for safe picture storage. “

All this whilst minimising the floor footprint. We recently installed one of our gallery racking systems at the Jerwood Gallery in Hastings.

Gallery Art Racking for a Bespoke Solution

By choosing to use our tailor-made gallery racking you are choosing a well-organised gallery storeroom system, that has been proven over many UK installations.

Our system allows for more paintings to be stored, and thus, in the long run, more art collections can be acquired and safely curated.

”Gallery racking gives you peace of mind that you are using your space to its fullest potential. Art works will be secure in this lockable storage method, safe from prying hands.“

Here, at Storwell, we have been experts in the storage of high-value art products for over thirty-two years. The system is easily added to and reconfigured to meet any future requirements.

Want To Find Out More About Gallery Racking From Storwell?

 Are you an architect or a project planner?
 Do you need to arrive at a great design and a budget quotation for your gallery racking?

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