Mesh Security

Cages, partitions, and machine guards for additional protection.

Mesh Steel Security Cages

Mesh security cages have a wide range of uses and applications. They can be used to keep valuable items locked away. They can be used in order to protect vital equipment from wandering hands, or wandering hands from vital equipment. What is important is that they are strong, affordable, and, most of all, that mesh security cages are secure.

” Mesh security cages offer it all. They are incredibly strong structures, with emphasis on security. “

Options include:-

Alternatively, they can be completely secure, safeguarding equipment or valuable items.

There are very few environments where a mesh security cage or partition is not aesthetically pleasing. They can be painted to suit any environment. They are one of the easiest storage systems to maintain. They are one of the easiest methods of storage to erect.

Most of all they are among the most economical methods of storage money can buy.

Bespoke Cages From One-Off

Whether you want one mesh security cage or a series of bespoke cages we can provide. There are a series of cages, of specific size, which are purchasable off the mesh cages page on this website. These can be purchased, delivered, and installed incredibly quickly. These are idea for things like oil or gas tanks.

“One of the most flexible things about mesh security cages is that they can be used both inside and out.”

If you have a bespoke request we are sure we can oblige. We have put mesh security cages and partitions in attic spaces, warehouses, and even supermarkets. They are made out of mild steel, welded together in a hatchet pattern in order to ensure strength.

Alternatively, you can build custom-made modular space for storage or office. For that, please check Storwell Steel Partitions Systems and mesh systems.

How Quickly Can A Mesh Security Cage or Partition Be Installed?

A mesh security cage or partition can be made to your specific requirements in two or three weeks.

“This means you can have your storage solution installed in under four weeks!”

To find out more about these incredibly versatile storage methods then please feel free to give us a call and speak with one of our team,

One other method lies open in terms of finding out more. If you know the space available or have a floor plan you would like to show us then please go to the Plan Your Project page. There you can inform us of all of your mesh security needs and we will get back to you with a quotation within forty eight hours.