Museum Storage

High density and secure storage solutions for museum archives​

What Is The Best Museum Storage Solutions To Store Your Artifacts?

 Do you have an expanding collection or need addition storage space?
 Are you a growing curator with a museum storage problem?
 What do you do with a growing collection but in reduced space? What is the answer?

” Poor museum storage makes it hard to maintain and rotate a museum collection. It makes it difficult to keep items stored in safety or prevent exhibits from getting damaged. “

This is where Storwell comes in. We offer numerous forms of museum storage, ranging from high density to small individual glass cabinets for valuable items.

Storwell has developed a range of mobile shelving storage solutions for museums. Each solution is tailor made to meet your individual collections and requirements. Our installations are quickly installed, high density and space saving. This provides you with a modern space efficient museum storage solution.

What is the Best Form of Museum Storage?

If you need to review your current system, or have entirely new storage, we are sure that Storwell can offer expert advice. There are several options available for museum curators wanting to improve their museum storage:

“Mobile shelving storage systems are perfect for big or awkward shaped exhibits. Whether it is roller racking or a mobile shelving systems, these solutions are lockable and completely secure”

We can create specialist units, with air tight glass door cabinets or designed for fragile collections.

All these can be mounted onto steel bases which can be moved. What this allows for is double the storage in the same amount of space. These can comprise of shelving or drawers.

What mobile shelving systems are perfect for is for storing valuable artefacts or documents.

What Other Methods Of Museum Storage Are There?

Double skinned mesh panels that pull-out can provide the perfect basis on which to hang museum artifacts.

” Museum exhibits are kept safe from damage and can be easily accessed. These are perfect for art works, pictures, or hanging exhibits.”

To find out more about these options please seek out mobile shelving or art racking in the menu above.

Alternatively, please feel free to give our friendly team a call. With over 32 years of providing museum storage we are certain that we can help you out.

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