High Density Medical Records Storage

Several high density solutions for medical or dental records storage

Concentrated Medical Archive Organisation Systems

 Do you have an expanding practice wherein you need extra storage for medical records?
 Do you need a high density solution to complement an existing storage method?
 Do you need to replace a current system / are medical records getting out of control?

"What you need is a high density medical records storage solution"

There are several options available for your healthcare records storage. These include methods of mobile storage, rotary cabinets, simple bays of shelves, and many more. Each option has their own merits.

When deciding upon the best method of high density medical records storage it is important to take space into account. Mobile shelving systems, for instance, are an incredibly compact method of storage. They double the floorspace available.

Available with either a crank handle or an electronic opening system, mobile shelving is incredibly versatile.