Mesh Partitions

Mesh partitions where you need to divide areas or provide security

Why Do You Need Mesh partitions?

Are you an architect who needs to divide and area up for differing storage?
 Do you need secure storage for individual items?
Have you considered mesh partitions?

It could be the perfect solution.

” Mesh partitions are an ideal solution to the common problem of not having enough secure storage. “ 

They allow for an area to be divided and split up, allowing for storage of a wide variety of items.

What this means is that mesh partitions are ideal for providing bespoke storage where you need it. They only take two to three weeks from inquiry to installation. This makes them an efficient and quick storage solution. Storwell Systems have been experts in mesh partitioning for over 33 years and, no matter what your situation is, we can help you.

What Do You Want To Use Open Space Room Partitioning For?

If you need mesh partitions to section off a secure storage area we are confident that we can help. Storwell has been providing mesh partitions and cages for 33 years.

Mesh partitions can be reconfigured or added to, making them future-proof and an ideal low-cost option when you need to store valuable items.

Each mesh partitions installation is individually designed to meet your exact requirements, with a 48 hour quote turn around.

“Storwell’s mesh partitions are designed to be strong, versatile, and cost effective whilst offering a high level of security.”

Each mesh partition layout or cage can have a range of doors and lock options.

These too are customisable, with a variety of sizes, handles, and locks available. They are made out of a strong, sturdy mild steel construction, which is welded in a hatchet pattern to increase strength even more. Mesh partitions are perfect for high-security areas and areas where limited entry is needed.

“They are ideal for secure computer server rooms and to serve as machine guards. Mesh partitions are suitable for protecting equipment and people.”

Is the Mesh Room Divider Right 

For You?

We are certain that our mesh partitions will meet your requirements entirely. Each mesh partition is tailor made to maximise your floor space. They provide you with the security and separation that you are looking for. We also do Steel Partitions setup.

“They are simple, effective, cost efficient, and valuable storage solutions. Mesh partitions are both flexible and economical.”

If you have a project which does need mesh partitions then please give us a call. Our team are experts in mesh partitions, with a 48 hour turnaround on quotations.