​Mobile Racking

​High density storage solutions for every warehouse or store room

Mobile Rack Can Double Organisation Capacity

Mobile racking is a high-density storage solution which provides higher capacity and faster access but takes up little space. In the same way as mobile shelving, our mobile racking systems can double the amount of storage space available and speed up retrieval.

” The concept is simple – why waste your storage space by unused aisles and circulation space? “

Allowing the bays of shelving to open and close where you want them too is more efficient.

With that in mind, mobile racking can offer the perfect solution for big and awkward items that can prove problematic. They are perfect if you are asking yourself the following questions: –

‘I am looking for more warehouses storage’
‘How can I store even more archive material and boxes?’
‘I’ve run out of space in my offices but I need to keep more records’

So What Is Mobile Racking Storage?

There are, in essence, three types of mobile racking. The first two types of these are longspan and wide-span mobile racking. These provide the ultimate choice in heavy duty racking, being able to take great weights.

Like all mobile racking, wide-span and longspan bays of racking are mounted onto mobile bases which run on rails so that you can move them when required. They can close together to ensure that space is not wasted. This makes them a very efficient storage solution.

High rise mobile racking stretches from floor to ceiling, maximising the amount of ceiling space in any given area. This means that they can provide high capacity with ease. All mobile racks remove the wasted space which comes with static shelving, and make the most of the space available.

“Mobile racking is a flexible solution to a storage problem.”

The shelves open with a simple drive wheel, which only requires one kilogram of force to move. Mobile racking has a vast number of uses and applications, allowing for high capacity and airflow

How Secure are Mobile Shelving Systems?

You can have many levels of security for your mobile racking system. The drive wheel can lock into a secure position sealing the shelves in place. They can lock into place with shoot bolts in the floor which stop the racks from moving when locked in place. The racks will not crush someone between them. They are secure and most importantly safe.

” Mobile racking solutions are quick and easy to install, at Storwell we would like to act as your guide towards that solution. With us, a mobile racking solution is only a phone call away. “

What are PUWER regulations?

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Please also check other alternatives that we are providing like the Archive storage systems or the Steel Partitions setup. Give us a call and we can advise you on your storage options.