​Steel Partitions

Perfect for dividing up areas to create extra rooms, workshops, or offices.

Open Space Room Separation – Are You Looking For a Better Organised Workplace?

Do you have:

  A clear open area that you wish to separate into individual operations?
The need to section off or safeguard machinery?
A Need to create a secure office in a wide open warehouse?

Then our tailor made and bespoke steel partition separation could provide the perfect answer! From a purpose built factory we are able to manufacture steel partitions in the UK to your exact requirements. We can divide any open space like a warehouse and partition it to your needs.

“Create clean separation and efficient workflow in your factory or production areas with demountable steel partitions that can be easily added to and reconfigured.” 

There are two types of steel partitions you can choose from:

  Single Skin steel partitions
Double Skin steel partitions

Single Skin Steel Partitions – Where Is It Used Best?

When you’re looking for a low cost, economical steel partition solution.
When you want a modular, easy to add or reconfigure separation between departments.
A quick to install solution for your manufacturing or storage areas.

“We have erected installations throughout the UK using factory trained engineers, whose experience guarantees a quality of work you can rely on.” 

All enquirers are responded to in less than 48 hours, with a detailed specification and quotation. If you need simple and robust partitioning, then single skin steel partitions are the answer. Alternatively, read more below or look into mesh partition options.

Double Skin Steel Partitions

A great solution where a smooth interior finish and smart areas are required, such as:

Production offices
Clean Rooms
Storage areas for food or chemicals

“Panels can be manufactured to any size and height to suit your application, our double skin steel partition system is fully modular and can be added to and relocated at any time in the future.” 

Choose from fully solid or part glazed to create the working environment you’re looking for. We can offer a full range of comprehensive accessories such as drop down hatches and locking systems.

What is the difference between Single and Double Skin Steel partitions?

Double has a sheet of steel on both sides of the wall – so it’s more reinforced. Single has only one side but is more cost-effective.

Do you have a specific layout or project in mind for open space partitioning?

Our factory trained engineers ensure a quality installation for your next project.