Book Storage

Storage for books in archives, libraries, and museums.

Book Storage – Library Shelving – Book Display

 Do you have a need for library shelving or increased storage of books?
 Do you need to display books in a way which makes them accessible?
 Do you have a large quantity of books you want to store?

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above, then we have the solution for you.

“The key to any commercial or public book storage system is to be able to use space effectively.”

Clear line of sight to book spines and ease of display play key parts in book storage. Here, at Storwell, we have several options of storage available to ensure the safe storage of books.

For The Best Book Storage BS5454

Most librarians ask us for BS5454 compliant shelving systems, that can adapt with ease. We can provide shelving which can reconfigure to suit your needs, both with other shelves and Reska shelving.

” These are incredibly simple book storage systems. Reflection shelving systems are compatible with original Reska shelves.”

It carries the same original features with a few added benefits. Our shelves are come with three bay widths and four bay depths, as well as five bay heights. They have profiled shelf edges, removable backstops, and suspended book supports. Our book storage is available in a wide range of colours.

Additional Features to Book Storage

Additional features include lockable canopy shelving, angled bottom shelves, and magnetic book supports.

“Our library shelving is quick and easy to build. Units can be single or double sided, with fully adjustable shelves.”

They are available with adjustable feet or casters, and a full range of shelves and accessories. Storwell have built a reputation for providing tailor-made book library shelving solutions. We have been providing shelving for libraries for over thirty two years.