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Installed in the 1990’s by Storwell Systems a huge mobile shelving system with over 100 mobile bases and nearly 1000 bays of shelving now needs some care and maintenance.

Under the PUWER regulations for machinery in the workplace Storwell completes annual inspection and servicing of the entire Mobile storage installation.

With such an old mobile shelving system there are some unforeseen part failures due to wear and tear.

In September 2022 the Archives Collections Manager asked for Stowell’s repair engineers to call in the attend to a mobile base that would move in oner direction but got stuck and jammed when moved in the opposite direction.

Mr Siddall our senior engineer found that a Bolt had broken & come away and got wedged between the bottom of that mobile base and the floor track.

This was removed and a new shaft fixing inserted in place to leave the bases moving freely after.