High Density Pod Lockers For Larger Work Places

Have you recognised a need for lockers, but do not have the space? Pod Lockers could be the solution for you.

“Designed for high density locker storage, pod lockers allow for easy access. They can provide storage for anywhere from seven to sixty six lockers per pod.”

These are high density. They are modern, metal storage lockers, designed for storage in the modern work environment.

When you have  limited space, and need to get a large number of lockers into a locker room, then pod lockers are the perfect answer for you.

Our Pod Lockers Design is Varied and Efficient

Do you want ease of access? Do pods seem like a good option? Each pod of lockers comes with a choice of colour and rotating base.

Each pod can store either seven or eleven segments, and each segment can, in turn, contain one to six lockers.

“If you need to get a large number of lockers into a limited space we are certain our pod lockers will meet your requirements completely.”

They are fantastic storage solutions, suave, and contemporary.

Like all our lockers, our pod lockers come with a protective coating which protects against bacteria. This coating is strong enough it secures against infections such as MRSA. Each pod, each installation, is tailor-made to maximise your storage potential.

Our goal is to save you floor space and provide fast access to the secured compartments on each pod. Each pod locker is maximised with an ergonomic design.

Built For Perfection

Pod lockers can rotate through 360 degrees, and thus each pod of lockers can be placed closer together. This allows for better use of your floor space.

Each pod can have seven lockers, or, alternatively, it can have denominations up to sixty six.

“Pod lockers are a modern and contemporary solution to an age old problem of not having enough personal storage.”

They can be a wise addition to any office or workspace.