Mezzanine Floor

Do you need more floor space?
Do you need space quickly?
Are you on a tight budget?

A Mezzanine floor could be the solution for you.

“A Mezzanine floor from Storwell is typically designed and manufactured within four weeks.”

For a quick quote on your next mezzanine floor make sure you contact Storwell Systems on 01527 592 444.

“A Mezzanine floor is an inexpensive and secure way of doubling potential floor space. They are often used in warehouses and offices to create extra space.”

Secured by reinforced steel, the flooring is completely secure. This allows for vast amounts of usable space, created out of thin air above. When you need even more storage capacity then we can install our mobile shelving and mobile racking on both the ground floor and the mezzanine floor.

Mezzanine Floor Adds Extra Space Without Increasing Buisness Rates

Mezzanine floors are not counted as fixed structures. They are demount-able and not permanent. This means that they can qualify for zero rates with your local council.

We have the facility to make the application on your behalf to have the building control approval given ahead of organising the installation.

“Storwell takes charge of the whole project, from delivery to installation, throughout the UK.”

Our factory trained engineers are fully qualified to drive forklift trucks and scissor lifts required to complete the installation.

No Matter What You Need A Mezzanine Floor For

A Mezzanine floor has a vast number of practical uses. It can have the potential to be an extra level in a shop, for instance, allowing for more retail space as many of the multiple retail stores such as Tesco, Morrisons and ASDA have done.

Storwell can provide single, double, and even triple tiered mezzanine flooring.

These we have installed for some of the largest retailers in the UK, at some of the largest retail sites around the country.

Leaving aside our own mezzanine floor in our own office, we have installed flooring in offices all over the British Isles. In our case studies you will see that mezzanine floors have doubled the storage potential of various spaces.

These allowed for more offices, more workers, and more productivity. It is far cheaper, our clients have found, to install a mezzanine floor than it is to move premise.

“Whether you are in industry or have commercial premises, Storwell can cater for your mezzanine floor needs.”

Storwell have designed several mezzanine floors for ITV in London and the MoD, with high density shelving on top.

An Expert In Mezzanine Floors For Over Thirty Three Years

No matter what you need to store or hold, a mezzanine floor could be the key. They are resilient with a high capacity for whatever needs holding. This means that they are ideal for extra storage for machinery, or for heavy equipment.

A Mezzanine floor is perfect for a warehouse and industrial spaces. Each floor is bespoke, made from scratch, and designed by one of our expert designers. Each floor is tailor-maid to maximise the amount of space available.

“Simple and straight forward to install, we can install mezzanine floors within four to six weeks after the initial inquiry.”

No matter what you need the extra space for, a mezzanine floor could be the cost effective solution. Whether it is for a larger storage area, more offices, of industrial storage