Secure Storage Solutions From Storwell Systems

Storwell Systems offers numerous kinds of security solutions depending on precisely what your specific situation is. These range from lockers for :-
industry & the office

“Mesh cages protect valuable equipment from theft and wandering hands.”

No matter what you need securing we are certain that we will have a number of security solutions to meet your requirements.

What Are The Best Lockers?

Lockers are one of the simplest secure storage solutions available on the market for personal storage.

They can fit into any aesthetic, can be put to a number of uses, and can be secured in a number of ways. What this means is that lockers can be an incredibly versatile solution.

“Storwell Systems offer lockers in both metal and plastic. Metal lockers come with an anti-bacterial powder coating in order to protect against infections such as MRSA.”

This makes them perfect for use in industry and around food preparation. Plastic lockers, on the other hand, are near graffiti proof.

They are ideal for schools or colleges. It also makes them a great solution for the age old problem of swimming pool lockers rusting.

Both type of locker come with a variety of colour and lock options.

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Mesh or Steel Partitions

Mesh has any number of uses and is one of the most malleable storage solutions in terms of sheer simplicity. Mesh cages can be used for almost everything, making them an ideal secure storage solution for industry and warehouses.

“Mesh partitions are ideal for keeping wandering hands safe from equipment or valuable possessions.”

Steel partitions, on the other hand, can have a sheik and stylish appearance.

“They are perfect for dividing up a workspace for offices or work rooms.”