A Major Northern Business got in contact with us recently to see if we could help them with a growing storage problem in their warehouse.


The business that contacted told us that as their business was growing, the amount of stock they had to hold in their warehouse increased. This meant that they had to increase their storage capacity, but due to the current economic climate, they were looking to minimise costs in the amount they were willing to spend. This meant that the business was looking to get a competitively priced storage system that increased their overall storage space without breaking the bank in costs.


After a site survey and a quick CAD drawing, it was decided that the best solution to their problem was to install mobile shelving systems. The systems were both custom made to be both taller and longer than usual to make full use of the space that was available to us. While this did make the system slightly more expensive due to the uniqueness of the order, it meant all usable space was used.


The benefits of the mobile shelving systems were that overall storage space was increased by over 60% compared to the previous storage system.