Recently, a Project Management company with a contract to build and furnish two hospitals in Sri Lanka got in touch to see if we could help them with their storage problems.


While the Project Management company had the hospitals designed and built, they need a lot of highly-dense and compact storage solutions to house all of the future records in each of the hospitals. The space available was very small for the number of possible records looking to be stored in the hospitals, so simple shelving and Lloyd George boxes wouldn’t do, a more intelligent storage solution had to be found.They also knew that any solution wouldn’t be cheap either because all of the storage solutions would have to be shipped to Colombo Harbour in Sri Lanka.


Our solution to the Project Managers storage solution was to install Mobile Shelving Storage units in both hospitals. The first hospital had 224 mobile and static bays installed, this is the equivalent of 1344 linear metres of storage. The second hospital had a total of 144 bays installed but in this hospital, 111 of the bays were 1000mm Wide while the remaining 33 were just 900mm Wide.

In both Hospitals, the Mobile Shelving Units were 2150mm Heigh, up to 100mm Wide and 320mm Deep. Each bay had 6 levels of storage and each level was pitched at 325 mm apart. Each shelf in every bay also had 2 sliding dividers installed to help segment the shelves once files had begun to be put on the shelves.


Once the systems were installed, the benefits were easy to see. Each hospital had a high-dense and compact storage solution that allowed each hospital to store all the records it needed with ease.