The Royal Holloway University, who was one of our existing clients, contracted through an external contractor due to the jobs complexity.


The Royal Holloway University needed to add extra storage to its campus and so they decided to expand storage into the old boiler room in the basement. The Extra room would be used to store equipment such as seating, scenery and props from all four different departments around the University, so the storage solution had to be clearly compartmentalised to avoid different departments spilling into each other.

The Boiler room was fully of possible obstructions, such as pillars and archways that needed to be worked around. The room had also been waterproofed recently, and so anything that had to be attached to the walls couldn’t penetrate this waterproof membrane. This meant any storage solution had to me chemically fixed to the wall instead.

Even though the room had recently been waterproofed, there was still a worry of damp being an issue. So the storage solution had to be relatively airy in order to allow for a good circulation of air in the room.


Storwell Systems quickly decided that four, 2-inch gauge mesh cages, with double doors and steel partitioning, would be the best option for the Royal Holloway to use, but Storwell did also consider Mobile Shelving Units and Art Racking as a possible solution.

The mesh cages ranged in sizes due to the rooms proportions and obstructions, so the mesh cages went from 13,175m L x 5650mm W down to 3650mm L x 3200mm W.

All the mesh cages were 2,400mm H, but there was an additional run of 13,171mm high mesh partitioning that was attached to the tops of the mesh cages for extra security. This additional run followed the curvature of the boiler rooms archways, so there was no way for anyone to climb over the top of the mesh cages.


After the work was completed The Royal Holloway University had peace of minding knowing that they had the ability and space to individually Store each of the four departments equipment with ease and security, without equipment spilling from one department to the other.