Storwell Systems teamed up with a reputable Interior Design Company to help an International Petrochemical Broker save space in their high-rise office, within the heart of London’s financial District.


In London, every square meter of floor space is like gold dust. Expensive to buy and expensive to own. This meant that when an International Petrochemical Broker decided to move its offices into the heart of London’s financial district, they need to use every square meter of their new office effectively.

The key challenge for Storwell Systems was that the Petrochemical company needed to move all its staff from one building to an office space two-thirds as big. The only spaces the company had for storage were size limited. This means that every inch counted and all the storage solutions needed to be as compact, yet secure, as possible.


While Storwell Systems toyed with the idea of fitting a Storagewall, We ultimately decided to install Mobile Shelving Systems in two fo the rooms and Static Shelving in the third.

The first room we installed in had a total of 8 Mobile Bases and 1 Static Base at the end. This meant that the Mobile Shelving System took up just 172.80 Linear meters of the room. The second room had just 3 Mobile Bases and 2 Static at either end to stop the units running off the tracks. This system, due to its compact size, took up even less space, as just 86.40 Linear Meters. All of the Mobile Shelving Systems installed had 4 storage bays in them. Each bay was 300 mm deep and 800 mm wide with 6 levels of storage in each.

The third and final room had 5 bays of Static Shelving, each measuring up at 1000mm wide and 450mm deep. There were 6 levels of storage on each set of racking and the pitch between each level of shelving was 400mm.


The benefits of the new storage systems are that while the Petrochemical broker sacrificed space in moving to the heart of the London financial district, it didn’t have sacrifice the amount of files it could store due to Storwell Systems intelligent space saving solutions.