The major London solicitor firm Osborne Clarke recently contacted Storwell Systems to see if there was any way we could help them with a mystery mobile shelving system they had.


Osborne Clarke contacted us because when their health and safety manager was making sure all systems were safe and usable, he came across a mobile shelving system that had never been checked before and had never had a PUWER inspection either. A PUWER or (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations) inspection is carried out to make sure that all pieces of equipment in a workplace that contains moving parts still work safely and as the manufacturers intended. Osborne Clarke searched the mobile shelving system to see if there were any logo’s or names attached to the system for any guidance on who to call to make sure the system was still in full working order. Unfortunately, this search turned out tot be fruitless.

Not knowing where to turn, Osborne Clarke began searching ‘mobile shelving systems help’ and PUWER inspection for mobile shelving’ on the internet. This was when they found Storwell Systems. Once they had gotten in contact with us and explaining their predicament of an unknown mobile shelving system which needed to be inspected, we asked Osborne Clarke to send us some pictures of the system and we’d try and figure out who originally manufactured it.

After a few hours of Sherlock Holmes-Esq detective work, we finally discovered who the original manufacturer was and how old the system was. So we reported back to Osborne Clarke with our findings.


Once Osborne Clarke was told about the origins of the mobile shelving system, they asked if it could still be PUWER inspected or whether it was too old and a new one would have to be installed. We informed them that the system could still be PUWER inspected and we’d be happy to do it for them, which they kindly agreed too.

Shortly afterwards, our PUWER experts headed down to London to commence the inspection. The results were that the system was in fine working condition and that it was safe to use to the delight of everyone involved. Pleased with our work, Osborne Clarke asked if we could do the same next year, which we happily agreed to.


Osborne Clarke was finally able to sleep easy knowing that the mysterious system was safe to use and that they had now got a year solution to their PUWER inspections.