Norgine are a European specialist pharmaceutical company established in 1906 with headquarters in the Netherlands.


Norgine’s R&D team needed to dramatically increase their storage capacity of samples and associated pharmaceutical materials.

With a limited size of room and only a proportion of that space available the previous static long-span racking against the perimeter walls just wasn’t adequate.

The clinical supply team asked Storwell for their advice to maximise the storage capacity of standard plastic boxes that they had.


Storwell’s Maxstor mobile shelving provided the high capacity that Norgine were seeking.

The designers were able to mount thirty one bays of steel shelving, whose dimensions were specifically manufactured in order to get the optimum number of boxes on per shelf opening.


The finished installation was able to hold just over 400 of Norgine’s plastic archive boxes in just eighteen square meters of space. Previously less than 200 of the boxes were able to be stored in the same space.

Both access and identification has been greatly improved as the new system avoids the need to double stack or pack boxes one behind the other.

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