NHS Blood and Transplant


The NHS had a Medistor Mobile shelving systems installed just over two years ago.
As a responsible organisation and employer they were very alert and aware that they had an obligation under the PUWER regulations to ensure that work equipment was:

Suitable for the use, purpose and conditions in which it is used.
Properly maintained in a safe condition so that personnel’s health and safety is not at risk
Inspected by a competent person in keeping with manufacturers recommendation and keeping a record of this.

They contacted Storwell for their advice and if a annual maintenance programme could be provided for their mobile system


Storwell Systems have made the meeting of this PUWER obligation to maintain their Mobile shelving system simple and straight forward for the NHS and any other organisations who need to comply with the legislation.

As part of Storwell’s After care service all of the Mobile shelving installations are offered a Puwer visit and inspection on the one year anniversary date.
Whats involved?

An experienced and competent engineer visits the site and follows a detailed schedule of checks both physical and visual of the tracks , floor and operation of the mobile bases.

Sometimes under extra strain chains and mechanisms slacken or obstructions fall onto the tracks which can effect the smooth working of the mobile system.

The engineer will attend to all minor issues whilst on site, adjusting chain mechanisms, clearing the tracks and identifying anything that might need attention.

If all is considered correct and in order the installation will be given a certificate and a sign placed on the system displaying that a PUWER inspection has been conducted and the system has passed as safe to use.


The key benefit is that the organisation will be fully PUWER regulation compliant which means that the Mobile installation continues to be working correctly and is safe to use by personnel from a health and safety risk point of view.