A leading NHS Foundation Trust in Kent had a need to organise their Maternity Patient Medical records storage and they called Storwell Systems for their advice as they specialised in this area.


With the Hospital planning to expand its services the storage problem was only going to get worst unless a better way with greater capacity could be found quickly.

In charge of finding a suitable solution was Suzanne, The Interim Maternity Administration Manager at the Specialist Services Division at the Hospital.

Together we surveyed the existing small room and took stock of the records that needed to be stored altogether.

One thing was clear from the start and that was that a dividing brick wall partition wall had to come down to create a spacious open plan main office into which a new comprehensive mobile shelving solution had to fit.

With a ceiling clearance of 2585mm to the underside of the lights the team at the hospital needed to use every bit of space possible.


Storwell Systems developed a special depth of shelf at 315mm to make sure there was no wasted space and the folders fitted exactly on the shelf front to back with no overhang.

This allowed an entire row of 3 bays of additional Medistor shelving to be fitted in the same space providing an extra 24 linear metres of filing storage.

And to stop files from flopping over and getting misfiled a sliding shelf divider was fitted per storage level.

The three mobile shelving engineers got to site bright and early at 7.00am to meet the delivery so that all the components could be offloaded and placed into the room ready before patients or staff arrived. With the room decorated and floor finish already laid the engineers made excellent progress having the entire 27 x Medistor bays and 5 mobile bases fully assembled by 3.00pm that same afternoon.


Altogether the entire mobile shelving system has the capacity to hold a near 248 linear metres of Maternity Patient records almost doubling the capacity from before the new system was installed.

The Medistor System can be completely closed and securely locked away at night or when not in use.