The NHS Cardiff Royal Infirmary asked Storwell Systems to see if we could use our expertise to help improve the storage capacity in one of their key clinics at the infirmary.


Due to poor advice with their old storage system and an increased number of patients being admitted to the Cardiff clinic, the infirmary needed to find a solution to their current storage problems.

The records manager of the clinic was tasked with finding a solution to this problem and together with Storwell, we were able to survey the current room and the storage solutions currently in place.

It quickly became clear that the company behind the previous storage installation provided poor advice on how the clinic could use the rooms dimensions to its advantage.

This meant that in its current state there was an extra 400mm of space above the unit that was not being utilised properly. Also, the gaps in between the shelves of the current storage units were too big and not being used effectively.


Storwell Systems quickly recommended that shelf dividers were installed to the tops of each static shelving unit currently in place in order to utilise the extra room that was left above the shelving units.

Storwell also suggested that if the pitch in between each of the shelves was decreased, then each system would be able to hold an extra 2 shelves of storage. This meant that each shelving unit would in total have 8 shelves of storage compared to the original 5.

We also offered an extra 3 bays to be installed in a small additional room to also increase storage capacity.


In the end, all of these adjustments meant that the Cardiff Clinic was able to increase its storage capacity by 60%.

This equates to an extra 45 linear metres of storage space and the ability for the Cardiff Clinic to store an additional 5000 medical records.