The new Middlesex Hospital had contacted us as they needed highly-dense and compact storage for their new Theatre equipment storage room.


When the Middlesex Hospital had relocated to its new Hospital in the north of Middlesex, the space Theatre nurses had to store their equipment had shrunken considerably. In the previous hospital, each of the six theatre had their own equipment storage rooms, now they have the combined space of two of those accept it was in a single room.

Not only this but the six theatre’s still needed their own segregated space so that equipment would not get mixed up with other theatre’s equipment. This meant that the storage solution the hospital had would have to have clearly defined areas so that each theatre knew where their equipment was.

Also, some of the theatre’s need more secure storage than the other, because their theatre’s dealt with very specific operations. Therefore, they needed very specific, and very expensive equipment that had to be securely locked away to avoid any chance of it being stolen.


Storwells solution to this problem was to suggest Mobile Shelving Units, along with regular tambour door units that would be situated in the recesses of the room. This meant that the main space in the room was being used by the Mobile Shelving Units while the parts that couldn’t also have storage solutions in them.

In the room, there were 4 mobile shelving units, each with 14 bays of storage. Each bay was 900mm W x 600mm D x 2275 H. Each shelf within each bay was pitched at 450mm apart so that bigger, bulkier items could fit on the shelves.

The Tambour door units shared the same dimensions, however, they had lockable doors so the valuable equipment was secure, and there were fewer of them. There were only 6 Tambour door units.


Once work was completed, The Middlesex Hospital was able to store all of its theatre equipment like before except in a small, more compact space, something they originally thought was not possible.