After working with them multiple times in the past, Minor Weir & Willis came back to us to see if we could help them with a certain canteen issue.


Minor Weir & Willis’ previous canteen area had been like most from the past, a very basic and plain area with standard plastic chairs and wooden tables. To make the eating area more pleasant, Minor Weir & Willis contacted a designer to help design them a new canteen. This new area was on the 1st floor and views across the local area, allowing in more natural lighting. It also had Light, pastel colours (Light Blue and Light Green) to help liven the room up.

There was only one thing missing that Minor Weir & Willis needed help with, and that was the canteen furniture itself. Once Minor Weir & Willis had got in contact with us, we got to work on what would be a suitable and affordable solution to their missing furniture problem. The one thing that the canteen furniture had to be was in keeping with the rest of the room, so light matching colours if possible.


After a few possible solutions, a definitive solution to Minor Weir & Willis’ canteen problem was found. The solution was to install 7 Urban Dining sets (mostly compromising of 1 table & 2 benches) in Lime Green and 8 Urban Dining sets (also with mainly 1 table and 2 benches). Additionally, there were 27 extra support legs added to all seat benches. 3 of the dining sets were 2100 x 750mm while the remaining 12 were 2200 x 750mm.


Once the new canteen furniture had been installed, Minor Weir & Willis’ new eating area was done. The employees could now spend their lunch in a much more pleasant and inviting environment which everyone wanted to be in.