Our Client was a Major Resturants Production Facility, based in Acton, London.


A Major Restaurants sauce and spices production facility, which was based in London, recently got in contact with us here at Storwell Systems. The production facility had been told to improve the way spices and ingredients were stored before the next health and safety inspection. The ingredients were being stored on pallets on the floor of the production facility, with no separation between sets of ingredients. This meant it was an obvious health and safety risk, as well as it leading to the possibility of cross contamination betweens sets of ingredients.

The biggest challenge for Storwell Systems, however, was to recommend, purchase and install the storage solution before the end of the same week. This gave Storwell Systems a total of 3 days, one of the three days was already used as a site visitation day as well.


Once a quick site survey of the area was done, we recommended that the production facility installs runs of galvanised long span racking. Each unit of galvanised long span racking was 2.4m high and each with 2 beams of shelving, this allows for multiple levels of easy to reach storage. The galvanised quality of the racking means that they are easy to clean if there are any spillages and do not allow rust to build up. These long span racking units have also meant that the production facility is able to add steel partitioning in the future if they wish to.


After the installation was on time and complete, the production facility was able to pass the health and safety test with flying colours. It was also able to enjoy a much tidier and safer working environment. This was because the ingredients were no longer spilling on the walkways or into the areas of other ingredients.