A London Department store needed help with the storage in their storerooms and asked Storwell Systems for help.


A London department store had been experiencing a sustained growth but was finding that it was becoming more and more difficult for their staff to find the stock they needed in their multiple storerooms. The problem was that the storerooms were too small, and the current storage systems were not properly laid out. This made it hard for staff to find and reach their stock. The rooms were so confusing that stock deliveries had to be delivered to a different drop-off point because the there wasn’t enough room for the new stock to be dropped off all at once.

Both the department store and Storwell Systems knew that a high density and compact storage solution was needed. After a site survey was completed, Storwell Systems got to work.


It was decided that all the stockrooms should be consolidated into the basement, as well as the stock delivery destination. This was done because there was more room in the basement for a larger, more efficient storage solution. The storage solution that was installed was a set of mobile shelving. The mobile shelving meant that it was easier for staff to store, find and access the stock due to the multiple shelves stock could be placed on and the mobile shelving’s ability to open and close, creating walkways for staff to walk down.


The benefits to these new mobile shelving units were that the staff could now easily access their stock due to the high density and compact nature of the mobile shelving systems. It also meant that the previous storerooms could be converted into more floor space if the department store wished to do so.