Our client was the ITV Channel Islands who needed help with their latest move in Jersey.


With ITV Channel Islands relocating their base of operations to a smaller location down towards the main harbour, ITV needed to merge the tapes and equipment from their previous location into a smaller one. Not only did they have to store all of the old tapes and equipment but they also had to incorporate a mail room and locker room into the same space too.

This meant that space was of a premium and so Storwell Systems had to use its ingenuity to solve this problem.

Another challenge was because the job was in Jersey, Storwell Systems had to find a way to ship all the equipment and parts to Jersey in a cost effective way that didn’t affect the final price for the customer.


After careful consideration, Storwell Systems came up with a number of possible solutions to help solve ITV Channel Islands Problem.

To solve the problem of incorporating a mail room and locker room together, we recommended that ITV Channel Islands installs 16, 3 Door Steel Lockers. Each locker was 1800mm H x 380mm W x 380mm D. Also, each locker compartment had a 20mm horizontal slot that would be used to slide mail into.

For the archive video tapes, we suggested that ITV Channel Islands installs 3 Mobile Shelving Bases with 1 Static Shelving base on the end. Each base has 4 bays. 4 of the bays has 7 levels of shelving and the other 10 bays had 15 levels of shelving. The reason for this was because some of the tapes were DVC Pro and the others were Digi-beta Tapes. So the bays with 15 levels held the smaller DVC Pro tapes while the bays with 7 levels stored the Digi tapes.

The base itself was 2300mm H x 800mm W x 200mm D. For the bays that had 15 levels of storage, the pitch of the shelves was 150mm while the bays with 7 storage levels were only pitched at 325mm. This was to accommodate for the size of the tapes. In total, ITV Channel Islands could store 6300 DVC pro tapes and 700 Digi-beta tapes.

Finally, to find space to store all the other general equipment, we recommended Static Shelving and Long-span racking. The reason for this suggestion was that we decided it would be more efficient to use the full height of the room to store the general equipment. The Static shelving ranged from 1500mm to 1800mm Wide while the Long-span racking came in at 3500mm wide.

Also, due to the height of these shelving systems being just over 3 meters tall, we also offered ITV Channel Islands a set of Double Sided Folding High Steps. This allows people to reach the top shelves without stretching and then easily fold away and store the steps once they had retrieved what they’re after.

To save costs on shipping all of the equipment needed in Jersey, we sent some of the equipment down with the contractors and the rest was shipped over with a shipping company in Southampton. There they consolidated as much of the equipment as possible into a single container to save on costs.


Once all the work had been done, ITV Channel Islands was able to store everything they had brought from their previous office into a smaller one, without having to leave anything behind!