A retirement Property and Apartment developer who had just completed work in Romsey, Hampshire.


After a national chain of major property developers had finished their latest builds, they realised in the attics of the new buildings there was a lot of leftover space. To maximise its potential the developers wished to have Mesh Cages put in place to offer the news owners some extra storage.

One set of contractors suggested that they install six Mesh Cages along with a Plaster Board and Stud Partitioning barrier to help create the needed storage.


Having done work with Storwell Systems before, the property developers got in touch to see if we could do any better with the space they had. Upon viewing the space available, we recommended that the developers do not install the Plaster Board and Stud Partitioning. We advised this because the partitioning would have obstructed the building air conditioning unit. This could have resulted in damp items causing condensation and mold build ups.

Also, we recommend that it would be more effective to install 15 Mesh Cages. This is more than double the amount of Mesh Cage storage originally offered. The Mesh Cages also meant the buildings air conditioning unit and lighting was not obstructed. All the Mesh Cages installed were 2.4m High but varied in widths and depths to make sure all the space was being used effectively. Each Mesh Cage also came with a number and a hasp lock. This allowed the residents to attach their own padlocks to the cages.


The benefits for this storage solution meant that the property developers were able to use the space they had more effectively. The mesh cages meant that whatever was stored away was visible to whoever needed access the storage room.