A County Hospital in Hereford.


Major building contractors MTX needed a quick solution to help store linen within a new extension of a county hospital in Hereford. Having done work with Storwell Systems in the past, MTX came to us as they knew they would get exactly what they’re looking for, within the time frame given.

Storwells challenge was to provide a suitable storage solution for MTX within 14 days.


As soon as the enquiry came in, our company director Sanat cleared his diary for the next day to conduct a site survey of the storage room where the linen would be kept.

Now armed with the knowledge of the rooms dimensions, Storwell considered many possible options, like Mobile Storage Units or Mesh Cages. In the end, we recommended that MTX installs multiple wire mesh shelving units, each with 4 levels and dimensions of 1985H x 1500W x 460D.

Once the order went ahead, Storwell was able to deliver the wire mesh shelving units and install them on the same day. This was all done with the 14-day window we had been given by MTX.


The benefits of the Wire mesh shelving units are that they are easy to assemble, easy adjust, easy to clean robust and durable. This means that they can put up with the demands of such a busy hospital, like the one in Hereford.