Burnham Surgery got in contact with us through an architect they had hired to help them improve their surgeries medical record storage.


In order to secure the order with Burnham Surgery, they wanted to make sure Storwell Systems was a trustworthy and reliable business to work with. Initially to see if we could provide the business exactly what they were looking for, they asked us to come up with a number of different CAD drawings that represented different storage solutions for different sized rooms.

Once Burnham Surgery had checked over the designs and were convinced we could do exactly what they were looking for, they then asked us to refer them to other surgeries we had worked with previously. We, once again, supplied them with a number of local surgeries with whom we had worked with in order to supply similar medical record storage.

After Burnham Surgery had been in contact and visited these surgeries, they were pleasantly surprised by what they had seen and heard. It was at this point when Burnham Surgery supplied us with the actually size and dimensions of the room they were using for medical record storage. Once we had the plans, we quickly got to work on what would be the best medical record storage solution for them. What they were mainly surprised about was the fact that our price had not changed from the initial concept drawings to the final drawings of the actual room.

The drawings were then approved by Burnham Surgery and we were told to go ahead with the order, with we quickly place with one of our suppliers.


The medical record storage solution that Burnham Surgery ended up going for was a 3 system mobile shelving system, filled with Lloyd George medical record storage boxes. Each system had 3 bays, and each bay had 8 storage levels. Each level in each bay was pitched so that a Lloyd George box could fit on the shelf while being full of medical records.

All of the bases were 2100mm H x 1200mm W x 400mm D.


Once complete, this meant the system and the Lloyd George medical record boxes could store up to 11,000 medical records with ease. It also meant that Burnham Surgery knew they had made the right decision when deciding to do business with Storwell Systems as we’re keen on being as honest and integral as possible.