Blue Earth Foods Ltd is a leading supplier of chilled seafood products in the UK. The company is Based in Redditch where it has its HQ offices and key production facilities


Over the years its pallet racking has had localised damages but there was no formal regime in place to record and identify the rectification works necessary.

The company Health and Safety Officer called in Storwell Systems to ask them for their advice on how best to set up an ongoing Rack Damage Safety system and also to quote for completing the immediate repairs.

In additions Blue Earth Foods asked Storwell to provide a brand new racking system quotation to store Cardboard Packaging materials in their Dry Store.. It had to be robust and economical.


A Sema approved set of criteria to identify and assess damage was provided by Storwell Systems and a structured routine of regular checks and reporting put in place.

The New Packaging Pallet racking was installed in one day and can store just over 60 Chep pallets


Now the stores and warehouse fork truck drivers are encouraged to work with safety and respect for the racking to reduce the number of reportable rack damages. Routines are in place to conduct a daily and weekly visual walk about to check and note any damages.

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