Our client was Bilton Grange, who got in contact with us after being impressed by the work we had done another school close by.


With nearly 70% of all primary and secondary schools now using tablet computers and laptops in their classrooms, many need a powered and secured place to store these devices, and Bilton Grange is no exception.

Bilton Grange wanted a secure, high-density storage solution that would be able to hold 45, highly portable and high value, laptops and tablet computers. The solution also had to be powered so that all the devices would be charged by the next time they were needed and organised enough so that none of the devices would get damaged.


Storwell Systems recommended that Bilton Grange install three, 15 compartment powered lockers, each locker being just 1780mm high.

Each locker had one door, with a three-point locking system, this helped the security for each locker and let Bilton Grange not worry about the security of their valuable equipment.

All of the lockers also had an anti-bacterial, powered coating. This was key for the school environment as it stops the build up of any harmful germs and bacteria on the lockers, which also stops the spread of any illness from one student to the other.

Finally, all three lockers were powered, which meant that once an electronic device was put back, it would begin charging again so it was charged for the next person who uses it.


Once the lockers were installed, it meant that Bilton Grange finally had the proper place to securely store and charge their electronic devices.