Do You Need Retail Shelving?

As a retailer have you recognised a need for increased storage?
Do you need more shelving space for goods or stock?
If so then investing in more retail shelving could be the right solution for you.

“As a designer or a┬áretailer, we realise it is important to recognise that having enough quality storage space is essential to maximise sales.”

Whether it is behind the scenes or on the shop floor, access to goods needs to be easy and efficient. Is an abundance of goods causing a cluttered stock room? If so then a simple chrome wire shelving system could be the answer.

These easy-to-clean shelves have plenty of storage space wrapped up with a nice chrome finish. They allow easy access to goods at high efficiency and low cost.

Chrome shelving can also come with built in hanging rails, ideal for clothes manufacturers. The additional rail makes the storage and retrieval of soft goods so much easier.

Experts in Retail Shelving

Retail shelving is a strong and stylish storage solution. It’s made from a smooth hard wearing nickel chrome finish. Each shelf is designed for improved visibility and greater air circulation.

“Brilliantly, no tools are needed to assemble the shelves.”

Shelf loads up to 350kg UDL with a shelf pitch of 25mm.

Although tough, the shelving is not recommended for use in damp areas.

Another retail shelving solution is that of steel shelves. They are economical, and ideal for where space is very limited. These are tougher shelves, designed for heavy duty retail goods.

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