Office Storage Systems: Affordable, Stylish, Modern

Are you looking for a better-organised office workplace?

Do you have too much clutter?
Not enough storage space?
An untidy workplace?

” Sufficient and effective office storage systems is essential for a productive working environment. “

More frequently used items are best to be close at hand, and with more efficient document retrieval productivity will increase. A well thought out office storage is key to success, both in terms of workflow and staff morale.

Our customers tell us ‘The new system looks modern and takes up very little floor space’

What Are The Best Office Storage Systems?

One of our most popular products are the office cabinets. We offer various everyday steel cabinets to store everything from documentation to props. These are Triumph cabinets which come with a choice of front, lock, and colour.

In our office we use Triumph cabinets with tambour doors, which allow for a sleek and easily accessible design. There are also steel doors, drawers, and other bespoke designs are available.

“Another one of our popular office storage systems is the mobile shelving system.”

These allow a lot of office filing and stationery to be organised and stored away in a clean and modern space-saving solution. Call us for a free, no-obligation telephone consultation to establish which of our systems would be best suited for your office storage requirements

High Density Office Storage systems

For when a larger solution is necessary, have you considered sideways mobile shelves? These shelves slot in front of each other, in a way that is different to normal mobile shelving. Each shelf slides upon a track in front of the other shelves. This means that twice the storage can fit into the same amount of alcove or wall space, when space is scarce.

“Just about every organisation will need some form of office storage system to store and keep items.”

These can range from lever arch files to books, printer inks to general office equipment. We aim to help you solve that need in as efficient and cost effective way as possible.

Sometimes that solution, for archives, could be in a mobile shelving system, or storage wall.

For All Your Office Storage Needs…

When you need secure and attractive office storage systems, Storwell Systems is there for you. Our wide range of products means that we have something for everyone. A solution need only be a click away.

“Our designers can provide a detailed layout and quotation within 48 hours so that you can see exactly what the office storage solution would look like and how much it would cost”

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