More Office Shelving Systems At A Lower Cost

Do you have a need for office shelving systems?
Do you need increased storage in your office?
Would more shelving make your life easier?

If you need to improve the organisation of your office storage then the best places to start is with efficient office shelving systems.

Most offices get some clutter and a general build up of office materials that can affect the efficiency of the business. It is not always possible even advisable to throw it all away or to send it to an off site storage company. Our static shelves and mobile shelving systems allow you to save space and tidy up how you store items in the office.

“They are space efficient and stylish, allowing room for expansion.”

A free telephone consultation of you storage needs will offer you recommendations for a modern office shelving system solution that will impress you and come within your budget. All at a competitive price designed to pay for itself from the retrieval times and space saved.

Stylish and Modern Office Shelving Systems

Our stylish shelving comes in a variety of colours to fit the aesthetics of any working environment. They come in a choice of heights and widths to solve any storage need. Affordable, contemporary, and tailor made to fit, our office shelving systems are probably the best on the market.

  • Heights from 2000mm up to 3000mm
  • Shelves from 200mm to 450mm deep
  • Widths start at 750mm to 1200m
  • Shelf loads up to 80kg UDL and 500kg max bay load

All shelves are fully adjustable and a range of accessories such as pullout draws are available.

Are You Looking For A Better Organised Office?

If you need a space saving solution to a growing office storage problem then look no further. We are confident that our office shelving systems will meet your need completely.

“Each installation is tailor-made to maximise office shelving storage capacity.”

Call us  for a competitive quotation or just to chat with one of our friendly team. They are ready to take you call and set you on your path towards a more organised office today!