The Best In Mobile Shelving Repair and Maintenance

This page outlines some of the best methods of mobile shelving repair and maintenance in accordance with established manufacturers.

” We provide a bi-annual or annual service depending on the number of mobile shelving systems you have. “

Storwell Systems recommend that all mobile shelving solutions are inspected annually to ensure that they are still working according to design and in accordance with PUWER regulations

Storwell Solutions can also supply most obsolete parts to enable us to prolong the life of your mobile shelving system and improving your return on investment. Longevity is one of our core principles as a company.

What Should I Do If My Mobile Shelving System Will Not Move?

Below are a series of suggestions as how to repair a mobile shelving system. First STOP and investigate. If you do not think it is a simple problem, or are hesitant to try repairing it yourself, then give us a call.

Check that the aisle is clear of persons or equipment, steps etc.
Disengage the lock on the mobile bay required to be moved by pulling out the plastic insert in the centre of the hand-wheel.
Move gently only one Mobile bay at a time by turning the hand-wheel.
When in the required position, re-engage the lock by pushing the plastic insert whilst revolving the hand-wheel until the pins locate. Locks must only be engaged when the base is stationary.
Every base that is not in operation should be in the locked position.
Avoid using file markers that are brittle and have a tendency to shed debris onto tracks and guide tracks.
Always pick up any file or part file that has fallen onto the floor as they can get damaged if the system is closed.
Vacuum out tracks weekly, and remove any lodged materials.

Do not clean tracks with oil base material.

How Can I Maintain A Mobile Shelving System?

Here are a few tips on maintaining a mobile shelving system.

Check wheels and tracks for signs of wear or damage
Check chains within the system for tension and wear
Check that wheels are running squarely to the tracks
Check drive handles for tightness and integrity of locks and hand drive wheels
Check drive shaft integrity
Check guide systems and replace where necessary
Check all shelving systems for signs of damage, overloading or loose or missing components such as shelf clips or bolts.