Industrial Shelving & Heavy Duty Racking

Do you need industrial shelving?
Do you have a need for high density or heavy duty racking in a warehouse or workplace?
If so then industrial shelving may be the thing for you.

” Industrial shelving is a strong a versatile storage solution which lends itself to any situation. It is a tough, strong, and cost effective method of storage which allows for vast expansion. “

Are you looking for one bay of racking or do you have a larger project in mind? No matter the size of the project we are confident that Storwell can provide a bespoke solution for you. We have a wide range of shelving to choose from.

British Standard (BSS) Universal Industrial Angle Shelving is one such shelf. This shelving system gives you great strength and flexibility. It can come in a wide range of sizes and is compatible with any similar British Standards Shelving systems that may already be in place.

Types of Industrial Shelving

BSS shelving can come in any height from one to three metres. They are heavy duty shelves which can come between 600mm and 120mm. BSS shelving comes with a hard wearing anti-bacterial coating. Each bay can load 1000kg.

Do you have secure items to store? No problem. Door sets are available for added security on the shelves. Another option includes Rolled Edge Steel Shelving (RES). This is a cost effective slim and neat shelving system which is designed to allow for ease of access. Like with BSS shelving.

“Rolled Edge Steel Shelving is fully compatible with any existing shelves.”

Rolled Edge Steel Shelving is available in three heights at 75″, 87″ and 99″. There are three depths of shelves available (12″, 15″, and 24″) and five widths (24″, 30″, 36″, 42″ and 48″). Shelves can be clipped for simple and quick assembly, or bolted together for added strength. Once more doors can be added for extra security. The maximum load for rolled edge steel shelving is 500kg.

Helping You Get The Right Industrial Shelving

The third type of shelving available is that of Boltless Heavy Duty Shelving. This is a versatile  and strong shelving solution, with a maximum bay load of 2500kg. That is two and a half tonnes!

“Boltless Heavy Duty Shelving is an easy to assemble solution which clips together.”

It comes in heights from 2m to 3m. Shelf widths are 700mm, 1000mm, and 1150mm. Shelf depths are 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, and 600mm. Shelf pitch every 25mm and shelf capacity up to 180kg UDL.

If you have recognised a need for industrial shelving, and need strength and flexibility, then Storwell can help you out. Our bays are designed to meet your needs. We offer a free site survey and compelling quotation service for more details please call our friendly team.