Mobile Shelving – Do You Need More Space?

Have you:

Ran out of space already?
Expanding but no space to grow into?
Looking to increase your storage capacity, but don’t want to relocate?
Need to merge, downsize and consolidate?

Then our mobile shelving could be the answer! Over 33 years, we have helped 100’s of clients to see the benefits of a mobile shelving system. Replace your old, space hungry four draw filing cabinets and cumbersome storage cupboards.

” Modern, clean and quick to install, you could have the perfect answer to your storage problems in just a few short days. “

Our mobile shelving is designed to double your storage space while taking up less room. The mobile shelving systems run on tracks that allow them to open and close with ease. This means that the mobile bases are able to move together and eliminate the need for aisles to give you more space and keep your files secure when they’re not in use.

Whether you need mobile shelving for medical records storage or valuable office files, the mobile shelving system will give you all the space you need, with no storage space lost.

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What Are The Benefits of Storwell’s Maxstor Mobile Shelving Systems?


It’s Future Proof
You can add to or reconfigure the mobile shelving system to add more storage or relocate it altogether. All the components of the system are flat packed and care compatible with every other mobile shelving system.

Clean & Easy to Install
No need for drills and no mess. All mobile shelving components arrive factory finished for easy assembly.

Easy to Move
Special gearing allows the users to open and move the mobile shelving system with ease and little effort.

Completely Safe to Use
The safety and well-being of all users is one of the main design principles for the mobile shelving system.

What Options Do You Have For Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving systems can be built to suit any and all office environments. Whether it’s a high-profile City high rise or the basement archive of a museum, the mobile shelving system can be the right choice. Just tell our design team the dimensions and specifications you require and we’ll be certain to make your ideal system a reality.

“Create the bespoke system that you are looking for “

Do you want it with an Oak finish or any single colour to fit into your decor plans? Well that can be done easily, just choose from our wide range of other colours and wood effects. Do you want the mobile shelving system to open up with the touch of a button? Then you can have an electric motor fitted!

Do you want the mobile shelving system to open up with the touch of a button? Then you can have a fully electric mobile shelving system fitted, running on very safe, low voltage!

Mobile shelving systems can also come with pull-out shelves, sliding dividers and decorative end panels. These are great for people who may need to get out multiple files or those who just need to quickly refer to records.

Storwell Systems  – The Brand You Can Trust And Service You Can Rely On

Storwell Systems offers a guarantee of both price and quality as well as a FREE aftercare promise. We guarantee all of this through our unique ‘4-point promise’, this promise is:

You have our guarantee that we will work with you through all the options to ensure that you get the most compact layout with the most cost effective, highest quality system to give you the very best value for money. Our quote is the price you’ll pay, not a penny more.
You have our guarantee that you mobile shelving system will be delivered on time.
You have our guarantee that our installation engineers will show the same level of professionalism, passion, integrity and respect you expect from your own staff.
You have our guarantee that if you ever need to move your record archive to another building, relocate within your current building or simply want to add to the system, you will be able to match your mobile shelving system exactly.

How can I find out more about Mobile Shelving?

To discuss any storage need you may have, please give us a call and speak to one of our friendly team. We have been experts in mobile storage for over thirty-two years, and are always happy to take your call. Alternatively, please click on the button below to send us a quick email about your project. To stay aware of any special offers that we may have then please follow us on social media.