What is the best NHS HTM-71 shelving?

Do you have a need for HTM-71 shelving? Do you need extra medical storage?
Have you recognised a need for sterile storage?

” Hospital Technical Memorandum 71 sets the definitive standard for hospital medical shelving. The HTM-71 Medical shelving system from Medistor builds on that standard. It takes hospital shelving to new levels of excellence. “

Constructed to accommodate medical trays and with a high load capacity of up to 120kg per bay. The HTM-71 Medial shelving system is incredibly robust. It can exceed the requirements placed on it by today’s demanding medical environments.

HTM-71 Hospital Shelving is flexible and easy to maintain.

What Are Features of HTM-71 Shelving?

Medistor HTM-71 Medical Stainless Steel Shelving is easy to clean and maintain. It is also possible to coat the entire system in an anti-bacterial agent if the application requires it.

“A unique feature of our HTM-71 Medical Shelving is that the entire shelving system can be easily mounted on a mobile base.”

This can provide you with either double the storage capacity. HTM-71 mobile shelving halve the storage footprint, compared to traditional Medical shelving systems.

Anti bacterial paint finish
Kills MRSA
Quality assurance.

The Medistor HTM-71 Medical Shelving system is available in powder coated CR4 or stainless steel.

The range includes specialist cupboards and trolleys. It is suited for the storage of medical equipment and consumables in all areas of healthcare.