Anti-Collapse Panels

Do you need extra security for large items?
Have you discovered a need for extra picture racking for props?
Do you need to keep staff safe from falling objects?

If so then Anti-Collapse Panels could be a solution.

“Anti-Collapse Panels help reduce the possibility of items falling away from racking.”

The panels attach to the racking to ensure that large, round, or small items do not fall off the racks. They act as a back or front stop for vulnerable items to ensure their security.

Anti-Collapse Panels are a simple solution to an age old problem. They can be used to create safe walkways alongside pallet racking or additional racking for pictures.

Anti-Collapse panels are an ideal accessory for pallet or longspan racking.

They are supports for the shelves, as well as supports for the structure.

They can provide additional security where increased protection for items is required.

Anti-Collapse Panels For Added Security

Anti-Collapse solutions can be offered from stock using our modular mesh wall system. This makes them affordable and reliable and constructed from mild steel for strength.

“Our Anti-Collapse Panels areĀ made offsite in a purpose built factory, and delivered to site for easy assembly.”

Whether you are an architect or warehouse logistics designer, Anti-Collapse Panels are a wise investment to keep personnel safe from falling or loose items. They are an added layer of security for peace of mind.

When you have recognised a need for Anti-Collapse Panels then give us a call.

“Our friendly team are always ready to help you with your inquiry.”

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