Industrial Steel Partitions

Do you have a large warehouse, but need a decent office area?
Do you need to create more rooms than you have?

If so then industrial steel partitions could be the answer for you. When you need to provide enclosed areas for offices or production process then our industrial steel partitions are ideal.

” Coming in both single and double skin, steel partitions are perfect for areas of industry. “

These are available all solid, part mesh, and with or without doors. This makes industrial partitions a cost-effective and reliable solution to dividing space.

Are you looking for industrial steel partitions for perimeter guarding of automated machinery? If so, then our steel partitions are perfect. They are designed with security in mind, meaning that you can rest easy.

What Sizes Can Industrial Steel Partitions Come In?

Size wise, our industrial steel partitions start at around 2000mm high and go all the way up to the factory ceiling. More can be added for extra security, dust proofing or environmental control. Industrial steel partitions are forged off site and assembled on site.

They are completely demount-able.

“It is easy to take them down and move them elsewhere. They are reusable in the future.”

This and a low initial cost mean that industrial steel partitioning is an incredibly cost effective solution.

If you need a strong, secure, answer to a growing partitioning problem then we are certain that we can provide. Industrial steel partitions solve the age old question of not having enough rooms.

They can make an insecure are secure again. Each installation is tailor made, and we design them with space saving in mind.

Where Can I Use Industrial Steel Partitions?

If you have recognised a need for industrial steel partitions, or are just enquiring about them, then please call us. Our friendly team are always ready for your call, and are experts on partitioning.

“With over 34 years of experience, we are certain that we can help you out.”

Either give us a call  or click on the button below to send us a quick message about your situation. We aim to get back to you within 48 hours.