Modern and Contemporary Office Desks

To create a modern, contemporary, and productive office desks are a great option. When designing a workspace, as an architect or specifier, it is important to ensure that you source the best furniture. The office desks range have three things in mind as their core principles. These are: –


” Whether it is a large or small, the office desks range can cater to any size of installation.”

Coupled with our own brand of project management, you can kiss goodbye to a bland work area and say hello to a contemporary office. The office desks series encourages comfort and creativity in the workplace.

What is the Best in Office Desks?

Do you need desking on a budget?
Do you need reliable yet cheap office desk?

The Storwell Bench 50 Desking is a effective way of proving bench desks, in an ergonomic and cost efficient way. They are perfect for offices with large numbers of employees as the Bench 50 desking has group collaboration in mind. These are easily within the top ten desks on the market. Is comfort key?

The Stowell Bench 80 Desking combines functionality with design excellence.

“It is a premium range of desk, which goes one step beyond what is the norm in crowded offices.”

Instead of being a plain desk, the Storwell Bench 80 Desk is an integrated desking package designed for flexibility as well as comfort. It is a high value desk which will surpass all expectations. Do you have a bespoke layout in mind?

The Storwell Beam Desking is an contemporary twist on a traditional desking solution. Beam desking allows for varying configurations of desk. They are both flexible and versatile to whatever your office needs are. Storwell Beam Desking is the perfect solution for where space is at a premium. They are neat, varied, and help towards the portrayal of a modern office.

Would You Prefer a More Traditional Office Desks?

Would you prefer a more traditional style?

The Storwell Cantilever desk is closer to a traditional design. They are perfect modular desks, with a built in modesty panel to increase potential productivity. The Storwell Cantilever has a secure structure, cable management system, and improved ergonomic interface. Do you have a need for a custom designed desk? The Storwell Contract Desk and a high value cantilever desk, with durability at its core.

“These stylish and durable desks have high functionality.”

Contract Desks are bespoke solutions, with various tops available and several desk shapes.

These desks allow for effective use of office space. Finally, Storwell Workspace are able to fit out entire meeting, conference, and office rooms.

” Here, at Storwell, we are able to help design your office layout to make the most of your space. “

From meeting room tables to AV walls, lecterns to the comfiest desk chairs on the planet. Storwell Workspace produce it all, and we are happy to provide any office desk you may need.