Storwell Systems – Made in the UK

Storwell Systems is very proud to say that all of our products are made and assembled in the UK. We are very careful to locally source as much of our materials and staff as possible, in order to ensure an environmentally and economically sound business.

We work with selected, trade only, manufacturers, with factories dedicated to produce at the very highest quality and most competitive prices. With manufacturing sites located in Bristol, Manchester, and the Midlands, we make sure that products are locally produced, supporting the local economy and growth of jobs in the UK.

We are equipped with the latest CNC computer controlled manufacturing processes to ensure consistent quality and accuracy in our products. This ensures a consistency with our made in the UK products.

What this means is that our manufacturing facilities manufacture to order, enabling us to react quickly, manufacturing to order and when it is needed. This means that our customers do not need to fit in to the standard stock sizes, and nor do they have to settle for a product which is “sort of” what they wanted. We offer a completely bespoke solution, reviewed and designed by highly trained individuals on an ongoing basis.

Storwell Systems offers the best product every time, ensuring results that are high quality and coming in on budget. The following accreditation are from our manufacturers, some of the finest in the business, belonging to Lion Steel.