Why Solicitors May Need Mobile Shelving Systems

Solicitors – Using Mobile Shelving Systems Save Space & Money

We’ve had to deal with solicitors at one time or another haven’t we? If you’ve ever bought or rented a property then chances are you’ve used a solicitor too. But it’s not just the housing market where you’ll see solicitors. Every major industry will have specialist solicitors whether it’s for the Aerospace industry or for someone who’s had their civil liberties breached, you’ll find a solicitor waiting to help.

It’s not an easy job either, ever case they work with has to be done by the book and in accordance with the law. While all the knowledge you’ll have to know may seem a bit daunting at first, the number of qualified solicitors in the UK has sky-rocketed. In 2011, there were 118,000 registered solicitors, a 36% increase from a decade ago.

Not only is it difficult to learn and retain all of that legal know-how, but it is also quite a difficult task to find places to store all of your client’s records too. Solicitors get hundreds of new clients every year, and each client will come with their own set of records, probably even multiple copies so everyone involved with the case has the same documentation. You can see that it wouldn’t take long for even the biggest solicitors group to run out of room to store their files.

Our solution of Mobile Storage Systems save space, money and could be the solution that many solicitors need to solve their filing needs.

Now, while there isn’t a legally set time that solicitors have to keep their records, many like to hang on to them in case any complications occur in the future, or if the client has asked them to keep hold of the records (usually for an added fee). Still, many solicitors end up with three possible choices; Throw away the files, buy expensive off-site storage, or find a storage solution. Many of the solicitor firms who have got into contact with Storwell Systems in the past have asked for a storage solution to their mounting files. When this happens, we’re more than happy to help!

Even though we can help the firms that get in contact, many of those that don’t are stuck with an ever-growing problem of where to store those mounting files and it’s not hard to believe this problem won’t sort itself out anytime soon.

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To help remedy these problems, we offer a wide range of storage solutions. There are definite favourites between our customers. Most go for the mobile shelving systems or static shelving systems due to their ease use. If you’re after just as much storage as a mobile shelving systems offers, but don’t have the space, then try a rotary cabinet for sleek design and compactness.